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CORON is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. The main industries of Coron are fishing and tourism, being a popular diving location. Coron Island Palawan is a wedge-shaped limestone island, with few of its coastal areas being covered by mangrove forests. It has seven lakes, famous of which is the nationally-acclaimed cleanest lake in the Philippines, the Kayangan Lake. It also has a number of islands with white beaches and clear blue waters perfect for snorkelling, deep-sea fishing and shipwreck diving.
CLIMATE: The climate in Palawan can be very different compared to other parts of the Philippines. In general temperatures in Coron range between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius. Rainy season is from July until October. The strongest rainfalls in Palawan are in September. But even in rainy months there are dry days and even on rainy days it does not rain all day long.
DINING:  There is food available for purchase at Coron Market and numerous bake shops around town. It’s also recommended to buy fruits from the town market and have them prepared at the lodge you stay at free of charge (feel generous to provide a tip). Recommended to try local fruits such as mango, watermelon, star apple, jackfruit, coconut, star fruit and cashew fruit but they are all seasonal. The fruits in Coron is quiet expensive compare to other parts in the Philippines. The reason is that almost all fruits have to be “imported” from Manila since the soil in Coron is not good for growing; it’s the same with vegetables.
La Sirenetta – Beautiful waterfront restaurant on stilts offering international food with entrees ranging from P200-400. Recognizable on the water as sculpted mermaids adorn the posts supporting the roof of the open air dining area. (accessible through alleyway beside Coron Divers and Coron Reef Pension House and also by boat)Their service varies so be patient, it’s a bit pricey but the breeze and view is great.
Bistro Coron – Owned by Bruno (who can be seen in the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel and a scowl in the mornings) it is home to French food (and international) at prices well above the local average. Entrees go from P155-270 for the most part, mains are more but crab and lobster meals are available for even more. Get the onion soup, the apple pie, the coq au vin, the basquaise, the salade nicoise, the cordon bleu. San Miguel will set you back about P50. The good pizza would be excellent if the cheese was better.
Trining Bacsa – Locally owned and operated restaurant located around the corner from Coron Market. Offers authentic Filipino cuisine.
KokosNuss – Resort has a good kitchen. They have a Palawan style all you can eat BBQ deal. 6 or more people required at P475 each. They also have a Christmas feast on Dec 24 which is the BBQ and definitely worth going to if you are around (tell them in advance if you are going) San Miguel is P32. Breakfasts are good as well.
Lolo Nonnoy’s – Coron (Main road near coron’s center). Coco Lonnoy’s is a local restaurant serving Filipino food and variations. It is operated by a crew of local women who make some of the best cost-quality food in Coron. You can choose from the menu or from the dishes of the days (cheap). Also, their Leche Flan is amazing. P60-300.
Bistro – you can also drink and play billiards at this amazing eatery.
Ottos – Rock out to some AC/DC and enjoy spying on the hustle and bustle of Coron’s main street.
Helldiver’s Bar” (Sea Dive Resort) – Their signature drinks are great for the adventurous drinker, all for reasonable prices. They have a billiard table and relaxing music beat. You can ask for free popcorn at the bar.
Kuweba – on the national highway, near Angel (motorbike rental) is hidden a bar run by some Rastafarian locals, they play their own music and sell handmade jewelry and carvings upstairs.
  • There is a Vietnamese place as well as a Chinese restaurant somewhere around town both of which are reported to be good.
  • You can get food at all the resorts.
  • The Chicken Grill looked promising.
  • Buy fruits from the town market and have them prepared at the lodge you stay at free of charge. Recommended to try local fruits such as mango, watermelon, jackfruit, coconut, they are seasonal.
Coron is a bountiful place that offers even the most discerning traveler a host of options. A number of these are: Mt. Tapyas, Siete Pecados, Malcapuya Island, Maquinit Hot Springs, Barracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake, Calauit Safari Park, The Japanese Naval Wrecks, Skeleton Wreck, and Hidden Lagoon.