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Situated within the beautiful Panay Island in Visayas, Boracay glamorously glitters as one of the premier tourist destinations in the Philippines. With its sugary white sand, ultra clear waters, and beautifully clean surroundings, the place never fails to mesmerize thousands and even millions of people worldwide. Among all the beach enthusiasts out there, this is definitely one of the best places to be when in search for a truly fun, outstandingly beautiful, and absolutely relaxing atmosphere. As one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Asia, this distinct island is basically made up of two excellent beaches, namely Bulabog Beach and White Beach. Known for holding huge extreme outdoor events like kiteboarding and windsurfing, Bulabog Beach is highly regarded as one of the two main tourism beaches of the island. Regularly, many tourists visit this place to unwind, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place.

CLIMATE: You can easily surmise that the weather has an impact on the number of visitors to Boracay. There are two climate patterns here locally known as the Habagat season, literally southwest wind, and the Amihan season, literally the cooler northeast wind season. Tourists usually come to Boracay during the Amihan season, which runs from September to June, when the climate is amiable for a nice tropical vacation. The Habagat season, which takes over the rest of the year, is usually marked by storms.

BORACAY’S DIFFERENT FLAVOR: Since visitors from all over the world come to Boracay each year, local restaurants and bars serve a mix of different cuisine. The D’Mall Plaza houses many of these establishments like Heidiland Deli that showcases European flavors. In front of the plaza is Hey Jude Bar, which is like a bistro that serves great pizza. If you’re craving for something Spanish then Ole, which is also in the plaza, is a fine choice. Then there is Bite Club which serves one of the best burgers you will ever taste. Another area where you can find good food is near the boat stations. Cafes, bars, shake stations, and other restaurants there which offer different delectable flavors.Boracay nights are made alive by a plethora of bars that flaunts live DJs, cocktails, drinking challenges, different thematic ambiences, and extensive arrays of drinks. If you’re near the boat stations, you may want to check out Juice, Cocomangas, Nigi Nigi’s, and Cocoloco. The bars in and around the D’Mall Plaza include Rumbas, Hey Jude Bar, and Bom Bom Bar.


By Air – If you want to travel by plane, the ideal option is to book a flight from the Manila domestic airport and get a flight to either Caticlan or go through Kalibo City. Either way, it should take you about an hour to reach your destination.

By Ferry – For those who prefer a more leisurely mode of transport, or are on a budget travel, you can take the ferry boat from Manila to Dumaguit. Dumaguit is situated on the northern side of Panay. First you have to drive to North Harbor in Manila where the ferries to Dumaguit are stationed. Once you arrive at Dumaguit you have to go to Caticlan. This can be done either by bus, or if you like, the jeepney.

Another way to get to Boracay from Manila is to take the following route: first you take a bus ride going from Manila all the way to Batangas. From there you will board the ferry that transports you to Tablas in Romblon. From the port of Odiongan, you can take a jeepney to another port (either Santa Fe or Looc) and get a banca to Boracay Island.


The Dragon Boat Festival – Early in May, Boracay plays host to the Dragon Boat Festival, one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year.

The Boracay Food Festival – The Filipinos are well known for their delicacies, and every summer Boracay hosts its own food festival.


Mount Luho – The highest mountain on the island. An ascent of a 100m from the sea level is worth some cold water and soft drinks. A small hillock nestled among the trees on the tip of this mountain can be a good resting place after a cumbersome climb.

The Bat Caves – Located on the north east coast of Yapak gives a view of the reversely hanging mammals who come out screeching for food at the fall of dusk. Located in the jungles around a visitor to this cave must have the tenacity of bearing the foul smell that engulfs the cave.

Dead Forest – Comprising of a number of dead trees give a haunted look and provides the movie bucks with an ideal place to shoot a horror thriller.


Shopping in Boracay is not focused to a particular product. There are a number of shops which offer the best selling bags, clothing, beach wear, photo equipment and toiletries. Hats, towels and sunglasses are very common selling items in the island. Shopping in Boracay is a major experience. The place is a hub for a lot of shopping centers. The shops offer a wide range of products from clothing to home decors. There are shops which sell a variety of footwear. Footwear ranges from sandals, slippers and several other designer shoes. Some of the best places to shop in Boracay are: Talipapa Market, – D’Mall Shopping Center, Stables Boutique, Plazoleta Shopping Plaza, and Lonely Planet.